The Fascinating Story of Catumbela Airport in Angola

Nestled in Catumbela, a small town in the Benguela Province of Angola, lies a gem of an airport that has a rich and fascinating history. Catumbela Airport (CBT), with the IATA code of CBT and ICAO code of FNCT, is an international airport that has been serving the region for over 75 years. This airport is not only a pivotal hub of travel and commerce but also a testament to the resilience and progress of Angola as a country.

The Catumbela Airport has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1944, when it was used primarily for military purposes during the Second World War Catumbela Airport. It was only in 1952 that the airport was opened for civilian use and since then, it has become a vital gateway for both domestic and international travel.

With an impressive area size of 800 hectares, Catumbela Airport is situated just 10 kilometers from the city center of Benguela, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. The airport boasts a passenger terminal and a cargo terminal, both with modern facilities and amenities.

The airport is owned and operated by the Angolan government, which has invested heavily in its development over the years. One of the most significant milestones in the airport's history was its expansion and renovations in 2012, which saw the construction of a new terminal and the expansion of the runway.

Today, Catumbela Airport stands as a shining example of modern airport infrastructure, providing top-notch services to its passengers. From check-in to boarding, the airport staff ensure that all travelers have a seamless and hassle-free experience.

The Airlines and Destinations

Catumbela Airport is primarily served by the country's flag carrier, TAAG Angola Airlines. Established in 1937, TAAG is the oldest airline in Angola and operates both domestic and international flights from Catumbela Airport Carlsbad Cavern City Air Terminal Airport.

The airport also serves as a hub for other local airlines such as Air 26 and SonAir, providing connections to other cities within the country. Internationally, Catumbela Airport connects to destinations in Africa, Europe, and South America.

Passengers can travel to popular cities such as Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, and Luanda, to name a few. The airport has also seen a steady increase in the number of charter and private flights, catering to the growing demand for luxury travel.

The Runway

One of the standout features of Catumbela Airport is its runway. With a length of 3,100 meters, it is the longest runway in Angola, making it capable of accommodating a wide range of aircraft. This feature has played a crucial role in the airport's growth and its ability to attract more airlines and expand its air traffic.

The runway also has a unique feature that sets it apart from other airports in the region. It is equipped with Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), which enables aircraft to land in low visibility conditions, making it a critical airport for the country's air defense and national emergencies.

Airport Facilities

Catumbela Airport takes pride in providing top-notch facilities and amenities to its passengers. The passenger terminal offers a comfortable waiting area with seating, duty-free shops, and a restaurant serving delicious local and international cuisine.

Travelers can also access free Wi-Fi and charging stations to stay connected during their journey. The customs and immigration processes are efficient and well-organized, ensuring a smooth and speedy arrival or departure.

The airport also has a dedicated cargo terminal that handles the import and export of goods, connecting Catumbela to the rest of the world. With modern storage and handling facilities, the cargo terminal ensures the safe and timely arrival of goods.

Future Development Plans

Despite its impressive infrastructure and facilities, Catumbela Airport is not resting on its laurels and is continuously striving for further development and growth. The airport's management has several plans in the pipeline to enhance passenger experience and attract more airlines.

Some of the proposed projects include the expansion of the passenger terminal, the addition of more gates and parking bays, and the construction of a new runway. These developments are crucial for the airport to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for air travel and to remain competitive.

A Bright Future Ahead

As the world continues to evolve and travel becomes more accessible, Catumbela Airport is well equipped and prepared for a brighter and busier future. With its strategic location, modern facilities, and efficient operations, it is poised to become a key player in the aviation industry in Southern Africa.

The airport's dedication to providing top-notch services to its passengers, as well as its pivotal role in the country's economic growth, makes it a source of pride for the people of Angola. Catumbela Airport is not just a means of transportation; it is a symbol of progress and development for the nation.

Catumbela Airport

Catumbela Airport

Airport Details Catumbela Airport - Name Airport: Catumbela Airport

  • Category: Airports C
  • Name Airport: Catumbela Airport
  • IATA Code: CBT
  • ICAO Code: FNCT
  • Country: Angola
  • Address: Catumbela, Benguela Province, Angola
  • Type: International
  • Established Year: 1944
  • Area Size: 800 hectares
  • Owner Operator: Angolan Government
  • Passenger Terminals: 1
  • Cargo Terminals: 1
  • Major Operating Airlines: TAAG Angola Airlines
  • Runways: 1
  • Longest Runway: 3,100 meters
  • Shortest Runway: 3,100 meters



  • Passenger Gates: 4
  • Cargo Gates: 2
  • Operating Airlines: TAAG Angola Airlines
  • Daily Flights: 8
  • Annual Passenger Capacity: 500,000
  • Number of Employees: 300
  • Official Contact Number: +244 272 231 231
  • VIP Lounge: Yes
  • Parking Facilities: Yes
  • Distance from City Center: 13 km
  • Distance from Nearest Business Hub: 70 km
  • Restaurants and Cafes: 2
  • Duty Free Shops: 1
  • Car Rental Facilities: Yes
  • Taxi Services: Yes

The Fascinating Story of Catumbela Airport in Angola

Catumbela Airport

The Rising Jewel of Angola - Catumbela Airport

Nestled in the beautiful coastal city of Catumbela, Angola, lies an airport that has been making waves in the aviation industry - Catumbela Airport. This relatively small airport may not be as well-known as other international airports, but it certainly has a lot to offer. From its modern facilities to its prime location, Catumbela Airport has become a rising jewel in the country.

Let's take a closer look at what makes Catumbela Airport stand out:

Passenger and Cargo Gates

Catumbela Airport boasts four passenger gates and two cargo gates, making it a busy hub for both commercial and cargo flights OpenedHost.Com. The airport is currently operated by TAAG Angola Airlines, the flag carrier of Angola, which offers daily flights to and from major cities in the country. With eight daily flights, Catumbela Airport provides easy and convenient access for both domestic and international travelers.

Annual Passenger Capacity and Number of Employees

Despite its smaller size compared to other international airports, Catumbela Airport can accommodate up to 500,000 passengers in a year. This capacity has been steadily increasing over the years, making it a vital transportation hub in the country. With a growing number of passengers, Catumbela Airport employs approximately 300 people, contributing to the local economy and providing employment opportunities for the community.

Facilities and Services

Catumbela Airport prides itself on its world-class facilities and services, catering to the needs of its passengers. The airport has a VIP lounge for business and first-class travelers, providing a comfortable and luxurious space to relax or work before their flight. For those arriving by car, the airport offers ample parking facilities, making it convenient for travelers. The airport also provides car rental facilities, taxi services, and a dedicated drop-off and pickup area for passengers Con Dao Airport.

Location and Accessibility

One of the key advantages of Catumbela Airport is its strategic location. The airport is only 13 kilometers away from the city center, making it easily accessible for travelers. It is also just 70 kilometers away from the nearest business hub, making it a convenient transportation hub for business travelers. With its prime location, Catumbela Airport has become a popular choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Shopping and Dining Options

For those looking to pass the time before their flight or wanting to grab a quick bite, Catumbela Airport offers two restaurants and cafes, serving a variety of local and international cuisine. The airport also has a duty-free shop, where passengers can purchase tax-free items such as perfumes, beauty products, and chocolates. These shopping and dining options add to the overall convenience and comfort of traveling through Catumbela Airport.

Future Developments

With its growing popularity and increasing passenger capacity, Catumbela Airport has plans for future developments to better serve its passengers. These developments include expanding the airport terminal, adding more passenger and cargo gates, and increasing the number of daily flights. These plans are a testament to the airport's commitment to providing excellent services to its passengers and its determination to become a major aviation hub in the region.

Get in Touch with Catumbela Airport

For any inquiries or assistance, Catumbela Airport can be reached through its official contact number, +244 272 231 231. The airport's customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with any concerns, making it easier for passengers to have a hassle-free travel experience.

In conclusion, Catumbela Airport may be smaller in size, but it certainly packs a punch with its top-notch facilities, services, and prime location. As it continues to develop and grow, there is no doubt that Catumbela Airport will soon become a major player in the aviation industry in Angola. So the next time you plan a trip to this beautiful country, consider flying through Catumbela Airport, and experience its unique features firsthand.

Catumbela Airport

The Fascinating Story of Catumbela Airport in Angola

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