The Charming and Scenic Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

Nestled on the western coast of Norway lies an airport with a rich history and breathtaking scenery - the Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport. Located in the small town of Kristiansund, this airport may not be the largest or busiest in Norway, but it boasts an impressive array of features that make it a hidden gem for travelers. From its stunning natural surroundings to its convenient location and efficient operations, there's no doubt that this airport is a captivating destination for both locals and tourists alike.

The Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport, with the IATA code KSU and ICAO code ENKB, was established in 1970 and is owned and operated by Avinor, the Norwegian airport operator Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport. The airport is situated on a sprawling 480-hectare site, encompassing a vast area of natural beauty. As you approach the airport, you'll be greeted by the majestic sight of the fjords and mountains that surround it, making for a truly spectacular landing experience.

One of the highlights of this airport is its unique type - it is a domestic airport, primarily serving the local community and travelers within Norway. However, despite its small size, it still manages to cater to a significant amount of air traffic, with over 300,000 passengers passing through its doors annually. This reflects the high demand for air travel in the region and the airport's efficient operations in handling it.

The airport has one passenger terminal and one cargo terminal, providing vital services for both commercial and freight operations. The passenger terminal is modern and well-equipped, with all the necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience for travelers. The airport also has a duty-free shop, a café, and a restaurant, offering a variety of options for passengers to relax and unwind before their flight.

The cargo terminal also plays a crucial role in the local economy, serving as a vital hub for transporting goods and supplies to and from Kristiansund and the surrounding areas Kengtung Airport. Since the airport is located in a small town, it provides an essential link between the local industries and the global market, contributing significantly to the town's economic growth.

The primary airline operating at the Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is Widerøe. This well-known regional airline specializes in connecting smaller cities and towns in Norway, making it a reliable and efficient choice for travelers in the country. With Widerøe's extensive network, passengers can easily connect to other major airports in Norway and beyond, making this airport a convenient gateway for exploring the rest of the country.

The airport has one runway, which measures 1,440 meters in length, making it suitable for smaller aircraft. However, don't underestimate this runway's capabilities - it may be on the shorter side, but it is capable of handling even the largest planes that fly to and from the airport. This efficient and well-maintained runway ensures that operations at the airport run smoothly and without any delays, even during peak seasons.

One of the most unique features of this airport is its single runway's location - it is built on a man-made peninsula, jutting out into the sea. This stunning location provides for a one-of-a-kind takeoff and landing experience, with the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean glistening below. This is just one of the many reasons why pilots love flying to Kristiansund.

Apart from its natural beauty and efficient operations, the Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport also offers several amenities and services for travelers' convenience. The airport has free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and car rental services, making it easy for passengers to stay connected and travel to their desired destinations. Additionally, the airport is fully accessible for people with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a seamless travel experience.

Moreover, the airport is conveniently located just 5 kilometers from the town center, making it easily accessible for tourists. There are several transportation options available, such as taxis and buses, making it effortless for travelers to reach their accommodation or explore the town's many attractions. And speaking of attractions, the town of Kristiansund has plenty to offer, from charming streets lined with colorful wooden houses to cultural activities and breathtaking natural wonders.

With its stunning location, efficient operations, and charming amenities, it's evident that the Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is much more than just a place for air travel - it is a destination in itself. Whether you're a traveler passing through or a local resident, there's no denying the appeal and charm of this small domestic airport in Norway.

In conclusion, the Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport may not be the biggest or busiest airport in Norway, but it definitely has its unique and alluring qualities that make it stand out. Its natural setting, efficient operations, and range of amenities make it a favorite among travelers and a valuable asset to the local community. So the next time you're planning a trip to Norway, be sure to add the Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport to your itinerary for an unforgettable and scenic travel experience.

Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

Airport Details Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport - Name Airport: Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

  • Category: Airports K
  • Name Airport: Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport
  • IATA Code: KSU
  • ICAO Code: ENKB
  • Country: Norway
  • Address: Avinor, Kvernberget 6527, Kristiansund, Norway
  • Type: Domestic
  • Established Year: 1970
  • Area Size: 480 hectares
  • Owner Operator: Avinor
  • Passenger Terminals: 1
  • Cargo Terminals: 1
  • Major Operating Airlines: Widerøe
  • Runways: 1
  • Longest Runway: 1,440 meters
  • Shortest Runway: 1,440 meters



  • Passenger Gates: 6
  • Cargo Gates: 1
  • Operating Airlines: Widerøe
  • Daily Flights: 25
  • Annual Passenger Capacity: 400,000
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • Official Contact Number: +47 67 03 17 00
  • VIP Lounge: Yes
  • Parking Facilities: Yes
  • Distance from City Center: 8 km
  • Distance from Nearest Business Hub: 10 km
  • Restaurants and Cafes: 2
  • Duty Free Shops: 1
  • Car Rental Facilities: Yes
  • Taxi Services: Yes

The Charming and Scenic Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

Welcome to Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport: Norway's Hidden Gem

Breathtaking landscapes, stunning fjords, and charming Scandinavian culture are the first things that come to mind when one thinks of Norway. However, tucked away in the picturesque town of Kristiansund lies a hidden gem that often goes unnoticed – the Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport.

This small but efficient airport serves as a key gateway to the stunning region of northern Norway. It may not be the biggest or busiest airport in the country, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in unique features and excellent services OpenedHost.Com.

Let's take a closer look at what makes Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport stand out from the crowd.

A Gateway to Northern Norway

Located just 8 km from the city center, Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is the perfect entry point to explore the majestic Norwegian coastline. This airport serves as a hub for regional air travel, making it easily accessible for tourists and locals alike. With daily flights to major cities across Norway, including Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, it offers convenient connections to both domestic and international destinations.

A Cozy and Convenient Airport Experience

The first thing you'll notice upon arrival at Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is its cozy and intimate atmosphere. Unlike larger airports, where you may have to navigate through endless corridors and crowds of people, this airport allows for a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

With six passenger gates, one cargo gate, and 25 daily flights, the airport is just the right size to avoid any chaotic rush. This means you can get through check-in, security, and passport control without any hassle or long waiting times. And with an annual passenger capacity of 400,000, you can rest assured that you'll receive personalized attention and excellent service Kobuk Airport.

Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

At Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport, efficiency and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. With a small but dedicated team of just 50 employees, the airport operates like a well-oiled machine. From baggage handling to passenger assistance, these professionals work tirelessly to ensure a smooth and hassle-free airport experience for all travelers.

But that's not all – the airport also has a strong commitment to being environmentally friendly. It has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives, such as using renewable energy sources and minimizing waste. This not only makes it a responsible airport but also contributes to the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Sitting Pretty Amongst the Scenic Views

One of the most unique features of Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is its stunning location. Nestled between majestic mountains and facing the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic, the airport offers breathtaking views that you won't find at your typical airport. As you wait for your flight, you can take in the spectacular scenery and watch the planes take off and land against a backdrop of the beautiful Norwegian landscape.

Amenities for a Comfortable Stay

Despite its small size, Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport offers all the facilities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The airport boasts a VIP lounge, providing a quiet and relaxing space for business travelers or those looking for a little more privacy. There are also two restaurants and cafes, serving up delicious Norwegian specialties and international cuisine, to satisfy your appetite before or after your flight.

And for those looking to do some last-minute shopping, the duty-free shop at the airport has a wide range of products, from souvenirs to luxury goods. And if you need to rent a car or take a taxi, the airport has convenient facilities for these services as well.

A Quick Escape from the Business Hub

With its close proximity to the city center and being just 10 km from the nearest business hub, Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Business travelers can use this airport as a gateway to plan a short weekend getaway or a peaceful retreat amidst the scenic Norwegian nature.

Personalized and Stress-Free Experience

At Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport, you can expect a personalized and stress-free experience from start to finish. The airport's small size and dedicated staff make it possible to attend to each passenger's needs individually. Whether it's assistance with baggage or guidance for first-time fliers, the airport's team is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience for everyone.

The Official Contact Number: Your Direct Line to a Hassle-Free Experience

In case you have any inquiries or need assistance during your travel, Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport has an official contact number that you can call. Simply dial +47 67 03 17 00, and one of the airport's friendly and helpful staff members will be on the other side, ready to assist you. This direct line of communication is just another example of the airport's dedication to providing a hassle-free experience for all travelers.

Discover Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport – Norway's Best-Kept Secret

From its stunning location and cozy atmosphere to its commitment to efficiency and sustainability, Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is truly a hidden gem in Norway. So, the next time you plan a trip to this beautiful country, be sure to add this charming airport to your itinerary for a unique and memorable travel experience.

Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

The Charming and Scenic Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport

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