Exploring Malta Luqa International Airport: Where Luxury and History Meet

Malta, a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, stunning beaches, and vibrant culture. And what better way to begin your journey to this fascinating country than by landing at its main international gateway – Malta Luqa International Airport (MLA).

Established in 1958, MLA has evolved over the years to become the only airport in Malta that serves commercial and general aviation flights. Its IATA code MLA stands for "Malta Luqa Airport", while the ICAO code LMML refers to the city of Luqa where it is located Malta Luqa International Airport. Covering an extensive area of 1,050 hectares, MLA is owned and operated by Malta International Airport plc, and it is known for its exceptional services and facilities that make it one of the best airports in Europe.

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Malta or a frequent traveler, you will be impressed by the convenience, comfort, and efficiency of MLA. From its modern terminals to world-class amenities, there is no shortage of reasons why this airport is a must-visit for every traveler. In this article, we will take a closer look at the noteworthy features of Malta Luqa International Airport that make it stand out from the rest.

Location and Accessibility

Located in the town of Luqa, MLA is just 5 kilometers away from the capital city of Valletta, making it the perfect entry point for exploring Malta's top attractions. The airport is well-connected to other parts of the island through various modes of transportation, including taxis, buses, and car rental services.

For those looking for a hassle-free journey, the airport offers a convenient bus service that runs to and from the airport to different locations across the island. Additionally, MLA also has a dedicated taxi service that provides 24-hour transportation to and from the airport. And for travelers who prefer to drive, there are several car rental companies available at the airport, making it easy to explore Malta at your own pace Maxton Airport.

State-of-the-art Terminal

MLA boasts a modern, spacious, and well-organized terminal that can handle up to seven million passengers per year. The terminal is divided into two levels – arrivals and departures – with a wide range of facilities and services that cater to the needs of travelers.

Upon arrival, passengers are greeted with a warm and welcoming ambiance that reflects the Maltese culture. The airport's arrivals hall is equipped with all essential facilities, including currency exchange counters, ATMs, and baggage claim areas. There is also a tourist information center where you can get travel advice and book your accommodation or transportation.

The departure level, on the other hand, has a stylish and contemporary feel, with high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and a wide selection of duty-free shops, restaurants, and cafes. You can shop for souvenirs, grab a bite to eat, or even indulge in some pre-flight pampering at the airport's spa and salon.

Airline and Destination Options

Malta Luqa International Airport is served by over 30 airlines, including major operating airlines such as Air Malta, Ryanair, and Wizz Air. With these airlines, you can fly to a wide range of destinations, including various cities in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

As the national airline, Air Malta offers the most significant number of destinations from MLA, with regular flights to major cities like Rome, Paris, London, and Athens. Meanwhile, Ryanair and Wizz Air provide affordable flight options to various European destinations, making it easier for budget travelers to explore different parts of the continent.

Top-notch Cargo Facilities

Besides passenger traffic, Malta Luqa International Airport also handles a significant amount of cargo. Its state-of-the-art cargo terminal, located on the opposite side of the runway, covers an area of 60,000 square meters and has a capacity of 35,000 tons per year.

The cargo terminal at MLA is equipped with all the necessary facilities to handle a wide range of cargo, including perishable goods, live animals, and dangerous goods. The airport's strategic location in the Mediterranean also makes it a vital transshipment hub for cargo between Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Efficient Runways

Having two runways, MLA can accommodate different types of aircraft, from small private jets to large commercial planes. The longest runway, measuring 3,544 meters, can handle long-haul flights coming in from various destinations worldwide, making MLA a vital gateway for tourism and commerce in Malta.

The airport also has a shorter runway of 2,377 meters, which is primarily used for general aviation and cargo flights. With these efficient runways, MLA has the capacity to handle a large number of flights, ensuring that travelers have a smooth and timely arrival and departure experience.

Luxurious Lounges for a Relaxing Layover

Layovers can often be tiresome and tiring, but not at Malta Luqa International Airport. The airport has two luxurious lounges – La Valette and La Vallette Executive – that are exclusively for passengers who want to make the most of their transit time.

La Valette lounge caters to passengers flying in economy class, offering a quiet and comfortable space to unwind before your next flight. You can enjoy complimentary snacks, drinks, and Wi-Fi while catching up on work or simply relaxing. On the other hand, La Vallette Executive is open to premium class travelers and offers a more upscale experience, complete with gourmet food and beverage options, private workstations, and shower facilities for maximum comfort and convenience.

Efficient and Advanced Security Measures

Your safety and security are top priorities at Malta Luqa International Airport, and this is evident in the airport's advanced security measures. The airport has implemented strict measures to ensure the safety of all passengers, staff, and airport facilities.

MLA has state-of-the-art security screening systems, including full-body scanners and explosive trace detection equipment, to ensure efficient and thorough security checks. Additionally, the airport has a dedicated security team trained to handle any security threats, making it one of the safest airports in Europe.

Eco-Friendly Practices

In recent years, MLA has taken significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more environmentally friendly airport. The airport is committed to implementing sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, waste management, and the use of sustainable materials in airport construction.

MLA has also installed a solar farm with over 4,000 panels, generating clean energy that meets 40% of the airport's electricity needs. Additionally, the airport also offers facilities for electric and hybrid cars, promoting sustainable transportation within the airport premises.

The Future of MLA

As the main gateway to Malta, MLA plays a crucial role in the country's economy and development. Therefore, the airport management continually strives to improve and expand its services and facilities to meet the growing demands of passengers.

In line with this goal, the airport is undergoing a major development project that includes a terminal expansion, new taxiways, and parking facilities to accommodate more flights and passengers. This project aims to enhance the passenger experience and further solidify MLA's position as a world-class airport.


In conclusion, Malta Luqa International Airport is more than just a place to catch a flight – it is a destination in itself. With its modern facilities, efficient services, and commitment to sustainability, MLA offers a unique and memorable airport experience for all travelers. So the next time you plan your trip to Malta, don't miss the opportunity to explore all that this incredible airport has to offer.

Malta Luqa International Airport

Malta Luqa International Airport

Airport Details Malta Luqa International Airport - Name Airport: Malta Luqa International Airport

  • Category: Airports M
  • Name Airport: Malta Luqa International Airport
  • IATA Code: MLA
  • ICAO Code: LMML
  • Country: Malta
  • Address: Luqa, Malta
  • Type: International
  • Established Year: 1958
  • Area Size: 1,050 hectares
  • Owner Operator: Malta International Airport plc
  • Passenger Terminals: 1
  • Cargo Terminals: 1
  • Major Operating Airlines: Air Malta, Ryanair, Wizz Air
  • Runways: 2
  • Longest Runway: 3,544 meters
  • Shortest Runway: 2,377 meters



  • Passenger Gates: 22
  • Cargo Gates: 4
  • Operating Airlines: Air Malta, Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet
  • Daily Flights: Over 200
  • Annual Passenger Capacity: 7.5 million
  • Number of Employees: over 1,800
  • Official Contact Number: +356 2124 9600
  • VIP Lounge: Yes
  • Parking Facilities: Yes
  • Distance from City Center: 8 kilometers
  • Distance from Nearest Business Hub: 7 kilometers
  • Restaurants and Cafes: 16
  • Duty Free Shops: 10
  • Car Rental Facilities: Yes
  • Taxi Services: Yes

Exploring Malta Luqa International Airport: Where Luxury and History Meet

Malta Luqa International Airport

The Gateway to Malta: A Closer Look at Luqa International Airport

Malta is a small island nation located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful and historic country is known for its stunning landscapes, ancient sites, and warm hospitality. It's no wonder that tourism is one of the main contributors to Malta's economy.

In order to accommodate the growing number of visitors, Malta has its own international airport – Luqa International Airport OpenedHost.Com. This modern and efficient airport serves as the gateway to the island, welcoming millions of passengers every year.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Malta's main airport and its unique features that make it stand out from other airports in the region.

Airport Information

Luqa International Airport, also known as Malta International Airport, is located in the town of Luqa, approximately 8 kilometers from the capital city of Valletta. The airport has two runways and two terminals – Terminal 1 for scheduled flights and Terminal 2 for low-cost and charter flights.

The airport has 22 passenger gates and 4 cargo gates, making it a busy hub for both commercial and cargo flights. It is operated by a team of over 1,800 employees, working round the clock to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the airport.

Operating Airlines and Daily Flights

Malta International Airport is served by major international and regional airlines. The national carrier, Air Malta, has its main hub at the airport, offering flights to various European and Middle Eastern destinations. Other major airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, and EasyJet also operate regular flights from the airport, connecting Malta to popular cities across the continent Montevideo Carrasco International Airport.

On average, over 200 flights depart and arrive at the airport daily, making it a vital transportation hub for the island. With its increasing popularity as a tourist destination, the number of flights is expected to keep rising in the future.

VIP Lounge and Parking Facilities

For passengers who are looking for a little extra comfort and convenience, Luqa International Airport offers a VIP lounge. The La Valette Club Lounge provides an exclusive and luxurious experience for travelers, complete with comfortable seating, complimentary drinks and snacks, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

The airport also has ample parking facilities, with over 1,300 parking spaces available for both short and long-term stays. The parking fees are reasonable, and the airport offers online booking options for added convenience.

Distance from City Center and Business Hub

One of the main advantages of Luqa International Airport is its close proximity to both the city center and the nearest business hub. The airport is only 8 kilometers away from Valletta, allowing passengers to reach the heart of the capital city within 20 minutes. This makes it easy to explore the historical sites and cultural attractions of Valletta before or after a flight.

Furthermore, the airport is only 7 kilometers away from the nearest business hub – the town of Luqa. This is beneficial for business travelers who need to commute frequently between the airport and their workplace.

Dining and Shopping Options

Traveling often involves long layovers and waiting times. To make the airport experience more enjoyable, Luqa International Airport offers a variety of dining and shopping options for its passengers. There are 16 restaurants and cafes serving a range of cuisines, from traditional Maltese dishes to international favorites.

For those who love to shop, the airport has 10 duty-free shops offering a variety of products such as perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, and souvenirs. Travelers can also find other retail outlets selling books, clothing, and electronics.

Car Rental and Taxi Services

For travelers who prefer to explore Malta on their own, the airport has several car rental facilities. The rental companies have a range of vehicles to suit different needs and budgets, and they offer competitive rates.

For those who prefer to use public transportation, the airport has a taxi service available 24/7. Taxis are a convenient and reliable way to reach your destination, especially if you are not familiar with the island.

Annual Passenger Capacity and Official Contact Number

With its growing popularity as a tourist destination, Luqa International Airport has a capacity of 7.5 million passengers per year. This allows the airport to cater to the increasing number of visitors, making it the second busiest airport in the Mediterranean after Athens International Airport.

In case of any inquiries or assistance, the airport has an official contact number – +356 2124 9600 – which is available 24/7. The airport staff is known for their friendly and helpful attitude, providing excellent customer service to passengers.

Connecting the World to Malta

With its modern facilities, convenient location, and efficient operations, Luqa International Airport serves as a vital connector between Malta and the rest of the world. The airport is continuously expanding and upgrading to provide an exceptional travel experience to its passengers.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Luqa International Airport plays a crucial role in your journey to Malta. It's the first and last encounter with the island, leaving a lasting impression and setting the tone for an unforgettable experience.

Malta Luqa International Airport

Exploring Malta Luqa International Airport: Where Luxury and History Meet

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