Explore the Charming Sights of Oslo Sandefjord Airport

In the beautiful country of Norway lies a small but bustling airport that serves as the gateway to one of the most breathtaking regions in Europe - Oslo Sandefjord Airport. Located in the scenic city of Sandefjord, this airport has been providing exceptional services to travelers since 1956. With its rich history, stunning surroundings, and modern facilities, it's no wonder why this airport has become a favorite among international and domestic travelers.

Nestled on a vast area of 1,200 hectares, Oslo Sandefjord Airport is the third largest airport in Norway, following Oslo Airport and Bergen Airport Oslo Sandefjord Airport. This international airport serves the cities of Sandefjord, Tønsberg, and Larvik, as well as the surrounding areas of Telemark and Vestfold. It is conveniently located just 110 kilometers away from the capital city, making it a popular choice for tourists visiting Oslo and its nearby areas.

Owned and operated by Torp Sandefjord Airport AS, the airport boasts of a single passenger terminal and a cargo terminal, making it a compact and easily navigable airport. The terminal offers a wide range of modern amenities and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience for all its passengers.

Convenient Location

One of the most significant advantages of Oslo Sandefjord Airport is its location. Unlike many busy and hectic airports, this one is situated in a serene and picturesque town, allowing travelers to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while waiting for their flight. The airport is just a quick drive away from the charming city center of Sandefjord, where visitors can savor traditional Norwegian cuisine, shop at local markets, and explore the city's rich history and culture.

Efficient Airlines and Runways

Oslo Sandefjord Airport is well-connected to major cities and countries in Europe, thanks to its efficient airlines and a single 3,000-meter-long runway. The airport serves as a hub for two major operating airlines - Wizz Air and Ryanair - offering budget-friendly flights to popular destinations such as London, Amsterdam, and Budapest Oral Ak Zhol Airport.

Modern Passenger Terminal

The airport's passenger terminal is designed to cater to the needs and comforts of its travelers. It offers a clean and spacious environment with ample seating areas, free WiFi, and charging points. Passengers can also indulge in some duty-free shopping at the airport's retail stores, which offer a variety of perfumes, cosmetics, souvenirs, and local specialty products.

For those looking to unwind and relax before their flight, the terminal also has a lounge area where guests can enjoy a complimentary beverage and snack while catching up on work or simply unwinding.

Efficient Cargo Terminal

Apart from its passenger services, Oslo Sandefjord Airport is also known for its efficient cargo handling services. The airport's state-of-the-art cargo terminal ensures the safe and timely delivery of goods, making it a crucial connection point for businesses in the region.

How to get to and from the Airport

Oslo Sandefjord Airport offers various transportation options to make it convenient for travelers to get to and from the airport. One can take a bus, taxi or even rent a car to reach the city center or any of the nearby towns. The airport is also well-connected by trains, with the nearest train station just a short bus ride away.

The Future of Oslo Sandefjord Airport

As the world continues to evolve, so does the air travel industry. Oslo Sandefjord Airport recognizes the need for constant improvement and expansion, and has exciting plans for the future. One of its major goals is to increase its annual passenger limit from the current 2 million to 3.2 million, allowing more travelers to experience the beauty and charm of Norway.

In 2024, the airport is set to undergo a major expansion project, which includes the construction of a new terminal and a second runway. This expansion will not only improve the airport's capacity but also enhance its efficiency and services for all its users.

Experience the Best of Norway at Oslo Sandefjord Airport

From its stunning location, efficient services, and future plans for growth, Oslo Sandefjord Airport offers a unique and unforgettable airport experience. Whether you're traveling to or from Norway, make sure to include this gem of an airport in your itinerary to experience the best of what this beautiful country has to offer. With its outstanding features and captivating charm, it's safe to say that Oslo Sandefjord Airport has truly earned its spot as one of the top airports in Europe.

Oslo Sandefjord Airport

Oslo Sandefjord Airport

Airport Details Oslo Sandefjord Airport - Name Airport: Oslo Sandefjord Airport

  • Category: Airports O
  • Name Airport: Oslo Sandefjord Airport
  • IATA Code: TRF
  • ICAO Code: ENTO
  • Country: Norway
  • Address: Torpveien 130, 3241 Sandefjord, Norway
  • Type: International
  • Established Year: 1956
  • Area Size: 1,200 hectares
  • Owner Operator: Torp Sandefjord Airport AS
  • Passenger Terminals: 1
  • Cargo Terminals: 1
  • Major Operating Airlines: Wizz Air, Ryanair
  • Runways: 1
  • Longest Runway: 3,000 meters
  • Shortest Runway: 3,000 meters



  • Passenger Gates: 6
  • Cargo Gates: 1
  • Operating Airlines: Wizz Air, Ryanair
  • Daily Flights: 20
  • Annual Passenger Capacity: 2 million
  • Number of Employees: 500
  • Official Contact Number: +47 33 42 70 00
  • VIP Lounge: Yes
  • Parking Facilities: Yes
  • Distance from City Center: 110 kilometers
  • Distance from Nearest Business Hub: 10 kilometers
  • Restaurants and Cafes: 10
  • Duty Free Shops: 3
  • Car Rental Facilities: Yes
  • Taxi Services: Yes

Explore the Charming Sights of Oslo Sandefjord Airport

Oslo Sandefjord Airport

Welcome to Oslo Sandefjord Airport: A Gateway to Norway's Stunning Fjords

Located in the beautiful country of Norway, Oslo Sandefjord Airport is a gateway to the country's stunning fjords and natural wonders. The airport, also known as Torp Airport, is situated in Sandefjord, a town in the Vestfold og Telemark county, approximately 110 kilometers from the capital city of Oslo. With a bustling atmosphere and a range of amenities, Oslo Sandefjord Airport offers a seamless travel experience for its passengers.

The airport, which has been in operation since 1958, has grown and evolved over the years to become one of the busiest airports in Norway OpenedHost.Com. With its modern facilities, efficient operations, and strategic location, it has become a popular choice for travelers flying to and from Norway. So, let's take a closer look at what makes Oslo Sandefjord Airport stand out from other airports in the country.

Flying in and out of the airport

Oslo Sandefjord Airport prides itself on its efficient operations and excellent services. The airport is open 24/7, with both domestic and international flights operating daily. The airport has 6 passenger gates, making it convenient for travelers to navigate their way through the airport. In addition, there is 1 cargo gate, which caters to freight and logistics operations.

The airport is currently served by two airlines - Wizz Air and Ryanair. These low-cost carriers offer affordable and convenient options for travelers to explore Norway and other European destinations. With approximately 20 daily flights, Oslo Sandefjord Airport is well-connected and provides easy access to major cities in Europe Ondangwa Airport.

Comfort and Convenience at its Best

One of the standout features of Oslo Sandefjord Airport is its commitment to providing a comfortable and convenient experience for its passengers. The airport has a VIP Lounge, which offers a quiet and luxurious space for travelers to relax or work before their flight. The lounge offers complimentary Wi-Fi, refreshments, and a range of amenities to make the wait more comfortable.

The airport also offers parking facilities, making it easy for passengers to leave their vehicles while traveling. The parking facilities are secure and convenient, with options for long-stay and short-stay parking available. In addition, for those who prefer public transportation, the airport has taxi services for quick and easy access to the airport from nearby cities and towns.

A Haven for Shopaholics and Foodies

Traveling can be exhausting, and nothing beats a bit of retail therapy to ease the stress of a long journey. Oslo Sandefjord Airport has you covered with a range of duty-free shops and boutiques, where you can shop for souvenirs, gifts, and other items. There are also three duty-free shops at the airport, offering a variety of products from cosmetics and perfumes to alcohol and chocolates.

For those feeling hungry, the airport has ten restaurants and cafes to choose from, serving a range of delicious meals and snacks. Whether you are craving traditional Norwegian cuisine or international fare, you can find it all at Oslo Sandefjord Airport. These dining options are perfect for grabbing a quick bite or enjoying a leisurely meal before or after a flight.

Efficiency at its Best

Oslo Sandefjord Airport takes pride in its efficient operations, and this is evident in various aspects of the airport. With a capacity of servicing up to 2 million passengers annually, the airport is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities to ensure smooth operations. The airport also has a workforce of 500 employees who work tirelessly to keep the airport running smoothly.

Moreover, the airport is conveniently located just 10 kilometers away from the nearest business hub, making it a perfect transit point for business travelers. With its efficient and fast operations, the airport is a popular choice for those looking for a quick and hassle-free way to reach their desired destinations.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

Apart from providing top-notch services, Oslo Sandefjord Airport is also committed to environmental sustainability. The airport has implemented various measures to reduce its carbon footprint, including using renewable energy sources, energy-efficient lighting, and waste management systems. In fact, the airport has been awarded the Level 3 Carbon Accreditation, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly airports in Europe.

Moreover, the airport has also launched initiatives to promote sustainable travel among its passengers. These include encouraging the use of public transportation to and from the airport and providing charging stations for electric cars. Oslo Sandefjord Airport is actively working towards reducing its environmental impact and promoting greener travel options for its passengers.

Exploring Sandefjord and Beyond

For those who have some extra time before or after their flight, Sandefjord is worth exploring. This picturesque town is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and rich history. You can take a stroll along the stunning coastline, visit the bustling town center, or explore attractions such as the Sandefjord Whaling Museum and the Brevik Motorboats and Coastal Museum.

If you have a bit more time, the capital city of Oslo is just a short train ride away from the airport. Here, you can explore major attractions such as the Viking Ship Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Vigeland Sculpture Park. With the airport's convenient location, it's easy to extend your trip and explore more of Norway's stunning landscapes and vibrant culture.

In Conclusion

Oslo Sandefjord Airport is more than just a transit point - it's a gateway to discovering the beauty of Norway. With its efficient operations, modern facilities, and commitment to sustainability, it offers a seamless travel experience for its passengers. So, whether you are planning a trip to Norway or simply passing through, make sure to stop by Oslo Sandefjord Airport and experience its unique charm for yourself.

Oslo Sandefjord Airport

Explore the Charming Sights of Oslo Sandefjord Airport

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