Pierre Regional Airport - Connecting South Dakota to the World

Located in the heart of South Dakota, Pierre Regional Airport (PIR) serves as the gateway to the capital city, connecting it to the rest of the world. With its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities, PIR is the preferred airport for both leisure and business travelers alike.

Originally established in 1950, PIR has come a long way in its journey of serving the aviation needs of South Dakota. Over the years, it has grown in size and scope, and today it stands as a symbol of modernity and progress Pierre Regional Airport.

A Convenient Location

Conveniently located at 3800 Airport Rd, Pierre, SD 57501, PIR is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Its proximity to downtown Pierre and major highways makes it an ideal starting point for both domestic and international travels.

Public Airport for Everyone

PIR is a public airport, owned and operated by the City of Pierre. This means that the airport is open to everyone and anyone can use its facilities. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to the city, PIR welcomes you with open arms.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

PIR boasts of a modern infrastructure designed to make your travel experience smooth and hassle-free. The airport has one passenger terminal and one cargo terminal, both equipped with world-class amenities.

The passenger terminal is equipped with comfortable seating areas, charging stations, restaurants, and duty-free shops. The cargo terminal is equipped with advanced handling systems, refrigeration units, and storage facilities, making PIR the perfect choice for handling all types of cargo, from perishable goods to heavy machinery Palopo Lagaligo Airport.

Connectivity at Its Best

PIR is a major hub for both domestic and international flights, with Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD) being its major operating airline. This allows travelers to easily connect to major cities in the United States and beyond from PIR, without having to endure the stress of switching airports.

Runways That Can Handle It All

PIR has two runways, each with different lengths to cater to different types of aircraft. The longest runway measures 2,790 meters, making it capable of handling large commercial aircraft. The shortest runway measures 1,372 meters, making it ideal for smaller aircraft.

Efficient Operations

One of the major advantages of PIR is its efficient operation, thanks to the dedicated team of professionals who work round the clock to ensure smooth functioning. From ground staff to air traffic controllers, everyone at PIR is trained and equipped to handle all types of situations.

Embracing Sustainability

At PIR, we believe in embracing sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. The airport has implemented various initiatives to reduce energy consumption, including the use of renewable energy sources. PIR has also adopted eco-friendly practices, such as recycling and reducing waste, to contribute towards a better and greener future.

Owned and Operated by the City of Pierre

PIR is owned and operated by the City of Pierre, which is committed to developing and maintaining the airport to the highest standards. The city's support and investment in PIR ensure its continuous growth and development, making it one of the best airports in South Dakota.

A Positive Impact on the Community

Apart from providing excellent aviation services, PIR also has a positive impact on the local community. The airport creates job opportunities and boosts the economy by bringing in more visitors to the city. It also serves as a hub for emergency services, providing crucial support to the local community during times of need.

Safety and Security First

At PIR, safety and security are always a top priority. The airport follows strict protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of passengers and cargo. It has also implemented advanced security measures, such as surveillance cameras and baggage screening systems, to provide a safe and secure environment for all.

Plan Your Visit Today

Whether you are planning a trip to Pierre or connecting to a different destination, PIR should be your airport of choice. With its convenient location, state-of-the-art facilities, and efficient operations, PIR offers a seamless travel experience for all. So why wait? Plan your visit to PIR today and experience the best of South Dakota.

Pierre Regional Airport

Pierre Regional Airport

Airport Details Pierre Regional Airport - Name Airport: Pierre Regional Airport

  • Category: Airports P
  • Name Airport: Pierre Regional Airport
  • IATA Code: PIR
  • ICAO Code: KPIR
  • Country: United States
  • Address: 3800 Airport Rd, Pierre, SD 57501, United States
  • Type: Public
  • Established Year: 1950
  • Area Size: 378.5 hectares
  • Owner Operator: City of Pierre
  • Passenger Terminals: 1
  • Cargo Terminals: 1
  • Major Operating Airlines: Sioux Falls Regional (FSD)
  • Runways: 2
  • Longest Runway: 2,790 meters
  • Shortest Runway: 1,372 meters



  • Passenger Gates: 5
  • Cargo Gates: 1
  • Operating Airlines: Cape Air
  • Daily Flights: 9
  • Annual Passenger Capacity: 180,000
  • Number of Employees: 40
  • Official Contact Number: +1 605-773-7447
  • VIP Lounge: Not available
  • Parking Facilities: Available
  • Distance from City Center: 4.4 kilometers
  • Distance from Nearest Business Hub: 11.5 kilometers
  • Restaurants and Cafes: 2
  • Duty Free Shops: 1
  • Car Rental Facilities: Available
  • Taxi Services: Available

Pierre Regional Airport - Connecting South Dakota to the World

Pierre Regional Airport

The Small But Mighty Pierre Regional Airport: Connecting a Community to the World

Flying in and out of a bustling international airport may be exciting, but there is something special about a small, regional airport. It can be the connecting point for travelers heading to remote destinations, and it is often a reflection of the community it serves. Pierre Regional Airport, located in the capital city of South Dakota, is a perfect example of this. While it may not be the biggest or busiest airport, it plays a vital role in connecting the people of Pierre and the surrounding areas to the rest of the world OpenedHost.Com.

Small But Efficient: Pierre Regional Airport's Infrastructure

Despite its small size, Pierre Regional Airport has all the necessary facilities and services to make traveling convenient and comfortable. The airport has a total of six gates, five for passengers and one for cargo. Its sole operating airline, Cape Air, offers nine daily flights, connecting passengers to destinations such as Minneapolis and Denver. With an annual passenger capacity of 180,000, the airport can handle a significant amount of traffic, especially for a regional airport.

In addition to its efficient passenger and cargo gates, Pierre Regional Airport also has parking facilities, with ample space for both short-term and long-term parking. This is especially useful for travelers who prefer to drive to the airport or have someone drop them off. For those who need to rent a car upon arrival, there are car rental facilities available at the airport as well. This makes it convenient for visitors to explore the beautiful city of Pierre and its surrounding areas.

A Close-Knit Team: The People Behind Pierre Regional Airport's Success

Pierre Regional Airport may have a small team, but their dedication and hard work contribute greatly to the airport's success Pekanbaru Sultan Syarif Kasim Ii Airport. With only 40 employees, the airport operates smoothly and efficiently, giving passengers a hassle-free experience. These dedicated employees work tirelessly to ensure that the airport runs smoothly and safely, from managing flights and gates to maintaining the facilities.

The airport also has a fantastic customer service team, ready to assist passengers with any inquiries or concerns they may have. And let's not forget the friendly airport security personnel who make sure that the airport remains a safe and secure place for everyone.

More Than Just Flights: What Pierre Regional Airport Brings to the Community

Pierre Regional Airport is more than just a transit point for travelers. It serves as a vital connection for the people of Pierre and the surrounding areas to the rest of the world. By providing access to major cities and international destinations, it opens doors for business, tourism, and education opportunities for the community.

Moreover, the airport contributes to the economic growth of the region by providing job opportunities and generating revenue. It also serves as a gateway for businesses to import and export goods, connecting local businesses to global markets.

Making the Most of a Regional Airport Experience

When it comes to amenities, Pierre Regional Airport may not have a VIP lounge, but it does have a comfortable waiting area for passengers to relax before their flight. In addition, the airport has two restaurants and cafes, perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat before boarding the plane. For those looking to do some duty-free shopping, there is one duty-free shop available, offering a variety of tax-free products.

The airport also offers taxi services for travelers who want a more convenient and direct mode of transportation to and from the airport. With the airport being only 4.4 kilometers from the city center and 11.5 kilometers from the nearest business hub, it is easily accessible for both locals and visitors.

A Bright Future Ahead: Expansion Plans for Pierre Regional Airport

As the world continues to evolve and grow, so does the demand for air travel. In recent years, there has been an increase in passenger traffic at Pierre Regional Airport, and to accommodate this growth, the airport has plans for expansion. These plans include lengthening the runway, constructing a new terminal building, and adding new airlines and routes.

The expansion will not only improve the airport's infrastructure but also create more job opportunities and boost the local economy. It will also attract more airlines and increase the airport's connectivity, making it easier for people to travel to and from Pierre.

Connecting a Community to the World, One Flight at a Time

Pierre Regional Airport may not be the biggest or busiest airport, but it serves an essential purpose in connecting the people of Pierre and the surrounding areas to the rest of the world. With a dedicated team, efficient infrastructure, and plans for expansion, the airport continues to grow and thrive, making it a vital part of the community.

So the next time you fly into Pierre Regional Airport, remember that you are not just arriving at a small regional airport. You are entering a gateway that connects a community to the world, one flight at a time.

Pierre Regional Airport

Pierre Regional Airport - Connecting South Dakota to the World

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