Welcome to Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport: A Hidden Gem in Maine

Nestled in the quaint town of Waterville, Maine, lies a small but bustling airport waiting to be discovered by travelers. Welcome to Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport (WVL), a hidden gem that offers convenience, charm, and a touch of local hospitality to its visitors.

Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport, with its IATA code WVL and ICAO code KWVL, may not be as well-known as other airports in the United States, but it has its own unique charm and features that make it stand out from the rest. Let's dive into the details and discover why this airport is worth a visit Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport.

Location and History of Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

Located in the heart of Waterville, Maine, the airport is conveniently situated just 3 miles from the city center. This makes it easily accessible for both locals and tourists, with plenty of transportation options available to and from the airport.

The airport's history dates back to the early 1900s when the land was used as a horse racing track. In the 1920s, the track was converted into an airfield, and it was named in honor of Robert Lafleur, a local World War I pilot. The airfield was later acquired by the City of Waterville and developed into what is now known as Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport.

A Convenient and Efficient Public Airport

Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport is a public airport, owned and operated by the City of Waterville. The airport serves as an important transportation hub for the town, connecting it to major cities in the region. It also serves as a base for various aviation activities, including flight training and general aviation.

Despite its small size, the airport boasts a modern and well-maintained terminal building that offers all the necessary amenities for travelers Wausau Central Wisconsin Airport. From check-in counters and baggage claim to a comfortable waiting area and a snack bar, the terminal provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for passengers.

Away from the Hustle and Bustle

Unlike many other airports, where the hustle and bustle of travelers can be overwhelming, Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport offers a peaceful and laid-back environment. The stunning views of Maine's countryside serve as a welcome distraction from the stresses of air travel.

Moreover, the airport's size allows for quick and efficient boarding and deplaning processes, making it an ideal choice for those who want to avoid long queues and delays often associated with larger airports.

The Only Airport in the Area

One of the standout features of Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport is that it is the only airport serving the Waterville area. This makes it a crucial transportation hub for the community, bringing in visitors and business travelers, as well as providing a convenient connection for locals to the rest of the country.

A One-Runway Airport, Yet Able to Accommodate Various Aircrafts

With just one runway, measuring 5,001 ft, Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport is relatively small compared to other airports. However, it is fully equipped to cater to a variety of aircraft, including corporate jets and small private planes. The airport can handle up to 30,000 aircraft operations per year, making it a popular choice for private and business aviation.

A Break for Pilots and Passengers

In addition to its functional features, Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport offers a unique treat for its visitors – a free ice cream social every Friday during the summer months. This tradition has been carried on for decades, adding to the charm and local flair of the airport.

Whether you are a pilot taking a stopover at Waterville or a passenger waiting for your flight, this enjoyable event is just another way the airport makes your experience a memorable one.

Explore Waterville and Beyond

While Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport may be small, there is no shortage of things to do and see in the area. With its prime location close to the city center, visitors can easily explore Waterville's charming downtown, known for its cultural attractions, specialty shops, and delicious food.

For a taste of the great outdoors, head to nearby lakes, rivers, and hiking trails, offering the perfect escape for nature lovers. And with the seaside town of Boothbay Harbor just an hour's drive away, visitors can experience even more of Maine's stunning scenery.

The Future of Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

As Waterville continues to grow and attract more visitors, the airport is also expanding its services to meet the demand. The airport has plans to build a new terminal, which will further enhance the passenger experience and accommodate a larger volume of travelers.

Moreover, the airport is dedicated to becoming more environmentally friendly, with initiatives underway to reduce its carbon footprint and implement sustainable practices.

Final Thoughts

Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport may be small, but it has a big heart. With its convenient location, efficient operations, and local charm, it offers a unique and delightful experience for travelers. So next time you plan a trip to Maine, why not choose WVL as your gateway to this beautiful state. See you soon at Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport!

Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

Airport Details Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport - Name Airport: Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

  • Category: Airports W
  • Name Airport: Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport
  • IATA Code: WVL
  • ICAO Code: KWVL
  • Country: United States
  • Address: Waterville, Maine
  • Type: Public
  • Established Year: Unknown
  • Area Size: Unknown
  • Owner Operator: City of Waterville
  • Passenger Terminals: 1
  • Cargo Terminals: 0
  • Major Operating Airlines: None
  • Runways: 1
  • Longest Runway: 5,001 ft
  • Shortest Runway: 5,001 ft



  • Passenger Gates: 0
  • Cargo Gates: 0
  • Operating Airlines: None
  • Daily Flights: 0
  • Annual Passenger Capacity: Unknown
  • Number of Employees: Unknown
  • Official Contact Number: +1 207-872-2857
  • VIP Lounge: No
  • Parking Facilities: Yes
  • Distance from City Center: 4 miles
  • Distance from Nearest Business Hub: Unknown
  • Restaurants and Cafes: 0
  • Duty Free Shops: 0
  • Car Rental Facilities: No
  • Taxi Services: Yes

Welcome to Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport: A Hidden Gem in Maine

Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

The Little Airport That Could: A Guide to Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

Nestled in the picturesque town of Waterville, Maine lies a hidden gem that many may not have heard of - the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport. With only 0 passenger gates, 0 cargo gates and 0 operating airlines, it may seem like this airport is not worth mentioning. But don't let its small size fool you, because the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport has its own unique charm and features that sets it apart from any other airport.

Passengers who are looking for a quiet and stress-free travel experience will find solace in the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport OpenedHost.Com. With no daily flights, the airport remains relatively peaceful throughout the day. This means no long lines at security, no overcrowded waiting areas and no frantic rush to board the plane. Instead, travellers can take their time and enjoy their pre-flight rituals without worrying about the hustle and bustle of a busy airport.

One of the most interesting features of the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport is its passenger capacity, or should we say, the lack thereof. As of now, the exact capacity of the airport remains unknown. This may seem like a disadvantage, especially for travellers who prioritize convenience and efficiency. However, the limited passenger capacity adds to the airport's appeal, as it ensures that it will never be overcrowded, guaranteeing a smooth and pleasant travel experience for all passengers.

Similarly, the number of employees working at the airport is also unknown. But this only adds to the airport's charm Worms Airport. It creates a sense of camaraderie and familiarity among the employees and passengers. It's not uncommon to see the airport staff greeting passengers by name and engaging in friendly conversations with them. In fact, many travellers have praised the airport for its warm and welcoming staff, making them feel like they are part of a close-knit community.

To further enhance the passengers' experience, the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport offers a VIP lounge, perfect for travellers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the main terminal. The lounge may be small, but it offers a quiet and comfortable space for passengers to relax, catch up on work, or enjoy some snacks and refreshments before their flight. And the best part? The VIP lounge is completely free, unlike in bigger airports where access to such amenities comes with a hefty price tag.

While the airport may not have any restaurants, cafes or duty-free shops, it does have a parking facility for those who prefer to drive to the airport. And with its small size, finding a parking spot is never an issue. Plus, the parking rates at the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport are much more affordable compared to bigger airports, making it a budget-friendly option for travellers.

For those who do not want to drive, the airport also offers taxi services to and from the city center. And with a short distance of only 4 miles, travellers can reach the city center in just a few minutes. Although the distance from the nearest business hub remains unknown, the ease of transportation from the airport makes it a convenient choice for business travellers as well.

The absence of car rental facilities may seem like a downside, but with the availability of taxi services and the short distance from the city center, it actually works in the airport's favor. Passengers do not have to go through the hassle of renting a car and dealing with the complicated navigation of a new city. Instead, they can rely on the convenience and reliability of the airport's taxi services.

Apart from its unique features, the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport also boasts of its friendly and efficient customer service. From the moment passengers step into the airport, they are greeted with warm smiles and helpful staff, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience. And for any inquiries or concerns, the airport provides an official contact number (+1 207-872-2857) for passengers to reach out to.

While some may argue that the limited facilities and services at the airport may hinder its growth and development, the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport continues to thrive and garner positive feedback from travellers. In fact, many have praised the airport for its simplicity and excellent customer service, making it a popular choice for those who value a stress-free travel experience.

From the outside, the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport may seem like just another small airport with limited resources. But once you step inside, you will discover its unique and charming qualities that make it stand out from the rest. So the next time you plan a trip to Maine, consider flying through the Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport for a peaceful and refreshing travel experience.

Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport

Welcome to Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport: A Hidden Gem in Maine

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