The Charming Small-Town Airport of Wheeling Ohio County

As someone who has traveled extensively, I have been fortunate to visit many airports around the world. From bustling mega-hubs to tiny regional airports, each has its own unique charm. But there is one airport that stands out in my mind as particularly special - the Wheeling Ohio County Airport.

Located in Wheeling, West Virginia, this small-town airport may not be as well-known as some of the bigger airports in the United States, but it offers a charm and warmth that is hard to find in larger airports Wheeling Ohio County Airport. Let's take a closer look at this hidden gem and discover why it is a must-visit destination for travelers.

A Rich History

Wheeling Ohio County Airport was established in 1946 and has a rich history that is deeply intertwined with the local community. Originally known as Wheeling Airport, it was renamed in 1970 to reflect its ownership and location in Ohio County. For over 70 years, this airport has served as a vital transportation hub for the residents of Wheeling and surrounding areas.

Over the years, the airport has undergone numerous renovations and expansions, but it has managed to maintain its small-town charm and welcoming atmosphere. The airport is owned and operated by the Ohio County Commission, showcasing the strong bond between the airport and the local community.

A Convenient Location

Convenience is a top priority for travelers, and Wheeling Ohio County Airport certainly delivers in that aspect. Located just 1 mile from downtown Wheeling, the airport is easily accessible from all major highways and is just a short drive from nearby cities like Pittsburgh and Columbus.

Not only is the airport conveniently located, but it also boasts stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys Wamena Airport. As you fly into or out of the airport, you'll be treated to breathtaking scenery, making for a memorable and scenic journey.

A Small-Town Vibe

As soon as you step foot in the Wheeling Ohio County Airport, you'll notice the warm and inviting atmosphere that is characteristic of small-town airports. With only one passenger terminal and no cargo terminals, the airport may be small, but it offers all the necessary amenities and services for a comfortable travel experience.

The staff at the airport are known for their friendly and helpful nature, always willing to go above and beyond to ensure a hassle-free journey for all passengers. And because of the airport's size, lines are typically shorter and wait times are minimal, resulting in a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Modern Facilities

Despite its small size, Wheeling Ohio County Airport boasts modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology. The passenger terminal is equipped with free Wi-Fi, making it easy to stay connected while waiting for your flight. There are also several charging stations throughout the terminal, perfect for travelers who need to power up their devices before or during their flight.

In addition, the airport is committed to sustainability and has implemented several green initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. These include energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, recycling programs, and the use of electric golf carts for airport transportation.

Efficient Runways

Wheeling Ohio County Airport has two runways, with the longest measuring at 5,000 feet and the shortest at 3,700 feet. These runways are well-maintained and equipped with modern navigation and landing systems, ensuring a safe and efficient landing for all types of aircraft.

The airport also has a 24-hour operating schedule, making it convenient for travelers who need to fly at odd hours or during emergencies. And despite its small size, the airport has the capability to handle a variety of aircraft, from small private planes to larger commercial jets.

Limitless Potential

One of the most exciting things about Wheeling Ohio County Airport is its potential for future growth and development. With an area size of 495 acres, there is ample space for expansion and the addition of new facilities. In fact, the airport has recently undergone a $9.5 million runway expansion project, which will allow it to accommodate larger aircraft and attract more airlines in the future.

This expansion is sure to bring more economic growth to the region, create job opportunities, and enhance the airport's role as a vital transportation hub for the local community.

A Haven for Aviation Enthusiasts

While Wheeling Ohio County Airport may not currently have any major operating airlines, it is still a haven for aviation enthusiasts. The airport is home to several private hangars, housing various types of aircraft ranging from vintage planes to modern jets.

Additionally, the airport hosts several events throughout the year, such as airshows and aviation tours, that attract aviation enthusiasts from all over the country. These events not only showcase the airport's capabilities but also demonstrate its commitment to fostering a love for aviation within the local community.

Explore the Charming City of Wheeling

Aside from the airport's own charms, the city of Wheeling itself is a must-visit destination for travelers. With a rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural landscapes, Wheeling has something for everyone.

Take a stroll through the historic downtown area and admire the beautifully preserved Victorian architecture. Visit the Oglebay Resort and Conference Center, where you can enjoy a round of golf, horseback riding, or a relaxing spa treatment. And for the history buffs, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, the oldest suspension bridge in the United States, is a must-see landmark.

Discover the Hidden Gem of Wheeling

In conclusion, for those looking for a personalized travel experience, away from the hustle and bustle of major airports, Wheeling Ohio County Airport is the perfect destination. With its charming small-town vibe, modern facilities, and convenient location, it offers everything a traveler could want.

From aviation enthusiasts to business travelers and vacationers, this airport has something for everyone. So the next time you plan a trip to West Virginia or its neighboring states, make sure to add a visit to Wheeling Ohio County Airport to your itinerary and experience its unique charm for yourself. It's a hidden gem that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Wheeling Ohio County Airport

Wheeling Ohio County Airport

Airport Details Wheeling Ohio County Airport - Name Airport: Wheeling Ohio County Airport

  • Category: Airports W
  • Name Airport: Wheeling Ohio County Airport
  • IATA Code: HLG
  • ICAO Code: KHLG
  • Country: United States
  • Address: 1 Airport Rd, Wheeling, WV 26003, United States
  • Type: Public
  • Established Year: 1946
  • Area Size: 495 acres
  • Owner Operator: Ohio County Commission
  • Passenger Terminals: 1
  • Cargo Terminals: 0
  • Major Operating Airlines: None
  • Runways: 2
  • Longest Runway: 5,000 ft
  • Shortest Runway: 3,700 ft



  • Passenger Gates: 2
  • Cargo Gates: 0
  • Operating Airlines: None
  • Daily Flights: 10
  • Annual Passenger Capacity: 60,000
  • Number of Employees: 150
  • Official Contact Number: +1 304-234-3838
  • VIP Lounge: No
  • Parking Facilities: Yes
  • Distance from City Center: 4 miles
  • Distance from Nearest Business Hub: 10 miles
  • Restaurants and Cafes: 1
  • Duty Free Shops: 0
  • Car Rental Facilities: Yes
  • Taxi Services: Yes

The Charming Small-Town Airport of Wheeling Ohio County

Wheeling Ohio County Airport

Exploring the Hidden Gem: Wheeling Ohio County Airport

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of flying through the clear blue skies, surrounded by fluffy clouds and the world down below? If so, the Wheeling Ohio County Airport may just be the perfect destination for you.

Located in Ohio County, West Virginia, this small but mighty airport is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by travelers. With only two passenger gates, no cargo gates and no operating airlines, many may brush it off as just another small-town airport. However, what they fail to see is the unique charm and convenience that this airport offers OpenedHost.Com.

Operating approximately 10 flights per day, the Wheeling Ohio County Airport may not seem like a busy hub of activity. However, what sets it apart from other airports is its annual passenger capacity of 60,000. This means that you can avoid the long lines and crowded terminals of larger airports, allowing for a more peaceful and stress-free travel experience.

But the limited capacity is not the only thing that makes Wheeling Ohio County Airport unique. This airport also has a limited number of employees, with only 150 staff members. This creates a more personal and family-like atmosphere, making travelers feel right at home.

Speaking of feeling at home, the airport has a contact number (+1 304-234-3838) that is manned by actual human beings, not automated systems. This means that if you have any queries or concerns, you can speak to a real person who can assist you.

Unlike larger airports, there is no VIP lounge at Wheeling Ohio County Airport Worland Airport. However, this only adds to its charm. There are no long wait times to enter a restricted area, and everyone is treated equally, regardless of status or class. This creates a more equal and welcoming environment for all travelers.

If you are worried about parking, fear not. Wheeling Ohio County Airport has parking facilities for its travelers, making it easy and convenient to arrive at the airport without any hassle. And for those travelers who prefer to take public transportation, taxi services are readily available. The airport also has car rental facilities, providing even more options for travelers to reach their final destination.

While there may only be one restaurant and café at the airport, it offers a wide variety of food and beverage options to satisfy your taste buds. From quick snacks to full meals, the restaurant and café can cater to all travelers' needs.

One of the biggest perks of this airport is its location. Just 4 miles away from the city center and 10 miles from the nearest business hub, it offers easy access to both business and leisure travelers. Imagine arriving at the airport just a short distance from your final destination, bypassing the long and exhausting journey from larger airports.

But what truly sets Wheeling Ohio County Airport apart is its commitment to providing a personalized and pleasant experience for its travelers. With its limited capacity and smaller size, travelers can expect shorter lines, less waiting time, and a more relaxed atmosphere. This not only reduces travel-related stress but also allows for a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

In addition to its unique features, the Wheeling Ohio County Airport is also renowned for its excellent customer service. From the moment you step into the airport until you board your flight, you will be greeted with friendly faces and helpful staff. They go above and beyond to ensure that your travel experience is smooth and hassle-free.

The airport also boasts a close-knit community, with support from local businesses and organizations. The airport has partnered with the West Virginia Division of Tourism and the Ohio County Development Authority to promote tourism and economic growth in the region. This partnership has not only benefited the airport but also the local community.

In recent years, Wheeling Ohio County Airport has seen an increase in travelers due to its unique and convenient features. This has led to the development of future expansion plans, including a new terminal building and additional parking facilities. With these exciting developments on the horizon, the future looks bright for this small but mighty airport.

So, the next time you need to travel, skip the larger, more crowded airports and opt for a more personalized and hassle-free experience at Wheeling Ohio County Airport. With its limited capacity, personal touch, and excellent customer service, it may just become your newest favorite airport. Be sure to add it to your travel bucket list and experience its unique charm for yourself.

Wheeling Ohio County Airport

The Charming Small-Town Airport of Wheeling Ohio County

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